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Everything You Need To Know About Crotchless Panties

Everything Crotchless Panties

French Knickers or lickety split, breezy bloomers and peekaboo panties, whatever you call them, crotchless panties are a great addition to any lingerie collection. After all, what better way to turn up the heat in the bedroom than with some good old- fashioned easy-access panties?

Of course, sex isn’t the only reason these little crotchless wonders exist. Believe it or not, women have been going sans crotch for hundreds of years! In fact, many of your female ancestors never owned a regular pair of panties in their life — proving there might be more to these crotchless wonders than meets the eye.

The History of Crotchless Panties

Today, crotchless panties are seen as a naughty alternative to traditional underwear. But before the 19th century, women in many cultures only wore crotchless drawers. Clothing was much more, shall we say, excessive back then. Take Victorian women, for example.

Let’s get dressed in 1885! First we got the drawers, then chemise, followed by the petticoat, underskirt, bustle, and finally the skirt. Phew! Now imagine trying to hover over the chamber pot whenever you have to pee. Lifting up and holding all that fabric while trying to pull down your underwear is almost impossible. But with crotchless drawers, you simply lift …and squat!

It was also considered hygienic and healthier for a woman to go crotchless. With so much clothing, crotchless pantaloons offered some much needed ventilation.

Crotchless In The Modern World

So we don’t wear bustles and underskirts anymore, thank goodness. But crotchless panties still have a place in the modern woman’s underwear collection. Here are some reasons why:

They’re Efficient – Every chick knows what it’s like to squat over a public toilet. With crotchless panties on, simply pull down your pants or yank up your skirt, hover over the bowl, and pee right through the hole!
Comfort – Lacy undies abound these days, but you can also find comfortable crotchless underwear made from cotton and/or spandex. Plus, those 19th century women had a point — sometimes you gotta ventilate your lady parts. Such as mid August when you want to wear your favorite maxi skirt or dress pants but you just don’t feel like going full commando.
Sex, baby – Wear some easy-access crotchless panties and surprise your lover with a quickie. Throw on a pair under your skirt and sit on his lap while he’s watching the game. Or enjoy sexcapades in the backseat of his car — oh the possibilities!

The Crotchless Variety

Not all crotchless undergarments are created equal, my friend. Lacy and sexy or comfortable cotton, the varieties in style and material might surprise you.

Style – Some crotchless thongs are completely backless, exposing the bum. Or for something more discreet, try crotchless panties that look like regular underwear when you stand with your legs together. You’ll find crotchless bikinis, backless boyshorts, open-front garters, crotchless teddies, and more in just about every color you can imagine.
Embellishments – Really want to spice things up? Try a little decoration! Bows and bling (or maybe even a tassel off the back) make for an extra flirty ensemble.

Ready To Experiment?

Breezy, functional, and a little bit naughty, crotchless panties are definitely more than meets the eye. Even in the modern world where your life is more hustle than bustle, the right crotchless undies could leave you cool, confident, and perhaps even well satisfied.CLICK HERE to find your new fav crotchless panties!

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